How To Organize A Successful Baby Shower

Cover - How To Organize a Successful Baby Shower

Never organized a baby shower before?
Or, are you tired of doing all the tasks yourself for every baby shower you've thrown?
Just imagine what it would be like if you can actually enjoy the day of a baby shower without feeling like a chicken with your head cut off!

You’re a busy person with a life. Your time is limited. Although you really want to celebrate the special pregnant mother, organizing a baby shower might feel like another thing on your already heavy plate. I’ve got a solution for you! You can organize a successful baby shower with your own eGuide and Tasks Checklist Bundle (“eGuide Bundle”). Yes, it’s about the baby and the mother. But, who’s taking care of YOU, the baby shower Organizer? I am! Because, YOU, the Organizer, matter, also! You’ll feel really good knowing you organized a successful life event – in maybe half the time or more. I'll show you how. I’ve done a high percentage of the thinking for you, so it’s practically plug and play! Never worry about the details or procrastination again. With your HTOABS arsenal, feel empowered to crush it!

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About Organizing A Baby Shower

Baby showerYou’ll be shown the exact steps and specific instructions for organizing a successful, meaningful, and practical baby shower as the Baby Shower “Mastermind” and avoid costly time sucks (through delegation and cooperation)… with no prior baby shower planning experience required! Your eGuide bundle addresses the problem of feeling torn between lack of time in the modern world and the community/familial pressure to put on an event single-handedly such as a baby shower. The tips and techniques solve your problem if you implement them within the particular baby shower you’re planning. You simply read the techniques and tips, use the Tasks Checklist spreadsheet, and remove what you don’t need and just keep what you do.

Topics Covered In eGuide Bundle

What the Readers Are Saying

For You, The Organizer Of A Baby Shower, It’s About:

  • Do you think it will fit?Decreasing Your Stress Level
  • Saving You Time – so you can spend more time with your family and personal pursuits instead of running around doing it all
  • Saving You Money - so you have more in your pocket
  • Being Well-Organized
  • Feeling Satisfaction in a Job Well Done
  • Taking Back Your Life

Your Investment

For just $9.99 you get this powerful eGuide plus a easy updatable
Excel checklist that you can use to stay organized.

Rapid Planning Tool eGuide & Excel Checklist Bundle

Practical eGuide
Adjustable Pre-filled Tasks Checklist in Excel
Free eGuide Updates and Information
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About the Author

May Almario
May Almario
I’m a busy working mother and an organizer. I love bringing people together and seeing the joy of togetherness filled with smiles, laughter, and hugs. I wrote this eGuide to do my part to impact the world, beginning with babies and their parents, and most importantly, the person organizing a baby shower for them. I've been there, also, so I empathize. I get that you’re busy with your life. I’m here to make yours easier so you can breathe and relax a bit. No one has written a guide focused on making it convenient for the baby shower organizer so she can orchestrate a well-organized, practical baby shower... until now. You’ll wish you had this eGuide sooner.

I’m frequently the go-to person, whether personally or professionally. I was featured in my high school yearbook as “Most Organized” for the senior class. I’m a Cal grad (Go Bears!) and held internships in human resources and marketing for corporations during my college days. I also worked for various-sized organizations, including start-ups and consulting firms during my professional work career. In all these life experiences, I brought people and processes to work together, improving upon existing processes or creating new ones for the betterment of people. I believe in replacing wasteful activities with value-added ones so we can have a higher quality of life - ultimately, fond memories and meaning in our lives... including the breathtaking moments with babies.

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